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Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

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Ruggedized, reliable and rapidly deployable, VNL’s Mobile Surveillance System is a uniquely customised solution designed for law enforcement agencies, transport authorities, disaster management authorities, event management companies and private security companies. Targeted at monitoring public events (sports, private, political) and overseeing tactical security operations and other critical events, MSV can be deployed for covert surveillance in situations of suspected terrorist and unlawful activities and surveillance can be carried out discreetly, documenting a suspect’s activities with videos from the cameras that are monitored from inside the MSV. 

  • Surveillance camera (PTZ and Fixed)
  • Pneumatic telescopic mast
  • Integrated radio, wireless and 3G backhaul for remote connectivity 
  • Cameras (1 to 6 GHz, any frequency band)
  • Integrated GPS and wireless antenna
  • Satellite Connectivity (Optional)
  • NVR for recording video and images; live view monitoring displays 
  • Power backup

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