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Secure Sens U - Covert Ground Sensors for Early Warning in Tactical Operations

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Secure Sens – U, VNL’s tactical, unattended ground sensors are built for covert intrusion detection and comprehensive perimeter protection requirements. It is based on sensitive seismic sensors which can be buried underground for early warning and protection against potential intrusion threats. Upon activity detection in protected zones, the sensor detects, analyses and raises, an alert based on its signature, easily classifying between types of intrusion like human, vehicle and mechanical or manual digging.

  • Tamper alarm  
  • Operation unaffected by vegetation (including grass, shrubs and trees)
  • Detection range- minimum 10m all around
  • Battery life up to 4 year
  • Star topology deployment
  • Communication distance up to 1.5 km
  • Confirmation and identification of target with cameras
  • Intrusion localization up to node level
  • GPS (optional) for self-locating functionality
  • Immune to environmental changes like fog, temperature changes, day & night conditions, rain, wind etc.

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