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Common Control Station

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Often used by emergency teams for situational awareness and tactical operations, VNL's Common Control Station (CCS) is a portable transceiver unit that simultaneously decodes and displays four separate digital video channels, allowing its operator to conduct observation in eight different locations at a single point of time, or to obtain four different views of a single location. In addition to the 8 high-definition cameras, CCS also has the facility to connect 8 remote sensor interfacing units.

Intended for wireless video and audio data transmission from an unmanned vehicle, robot or any other moving object to the mobile control station, its typical applications include tactical surveillance, counter-insurgency operations, and rescue missions. 

  • Turnkey system for rapid field deployment 
  • Advanced display for use in bright daylight
  • User-controlled touch screen interface 
  • Secure, encrypted IP streaming 
  • Triple-axis joystick for precise PTZ control
  • Suitable for long-duration operations 
  • Simultaneous video stream display and recording
  • Enhanced range ensures efficient use in dense urban areas 

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