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IDS - Intrusion Detection Sensor for Wall and Fence

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Based on ultra-sensitive vibration sensors, VNL’s IDS sensors are fence or wall mounted vibration sensors that provide high intrusion detection capability with a low false alarm rate for outdoor perimeter security. IDS picks up on any activity or movement near the perimeter or a protected zone by detecting the movement’s vibrations; analyses them and raises an alert based on its signature. With the help of its advanced algorithm, it can quickly classify actual intrusions by eliminating alarms caused by natural or environmental events.

  • Real-time remote monitoring and control of intrusions
  • Ultra-low power sensor, deployable on wall or fence
  • Detection range of 2.5m with sensitivity adjustment 
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Intrusion localisation up to node level 
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions 
  • Reliable detection and classification of activity of interest 

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  • Intrusion Detection Sensor for Wall and Fence


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