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Short-range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

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VNL’s advanced, high-resolution, Short-range Perimeter Surveillance Radar is designed for instant and simultaneous detection, monitoring and tracking of moving ground objects in its area of supervision, and functions even during rough weather.  It detects human movement for upto 2000m, and vehicles moving at 3500m from the radar's location. Even with its continuous and simultaneous monitoring, it requires near-zero maintenance.  

  • Stationary (non-rotating) radar with near-zero maintenance
  • High accuracy, automatic multi-target detection and tracking 
  • Pole, wall, fence, tripod mountable
  • Power over ethernet, low power consumption 
  • 90º sector coverage with a range accuracy of 0.6 m, and Azimuth accuracy of 1.2º 
  • Range of 2000m to detect humans and 3500m to detect moving vehicles

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