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Advanced Warning Video Camera (AWVC)

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VNL’s AWVC is a rapidly deployable surveillance and reconnaissance solution for use in the most remote and hostile conditions. It is quickly deployable, and will operate for over eight hours on its own internal battery so that it can keep sending mission critical data for long duration of operations. This wireless portable camera can be hand carried, strapped on, or integrated into any existing systems for instant, real-time surveillance. 

  • Full-HD video resolution, 1920x1080 @25 fps 
  • Advanced video analytic capabilities 
  • Battery endurance up to 8 hours 
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission 
  • ONVIF compatibility 
  • In-built PIR sensor, 10m range 
  • 3D digital noise reduction 
  • IP65 weather-proof housing 
  • Multiple mounting options

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