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28 Nov

Data usage in VNL & BSNL’s sites @ Left Wing Extremism areas, reaches a record high

By: Devika Keswani
Nov 28, 2017

Data usage in VNL & BSNL’s sites @ Left Wing Extremism areas, reaches a record high

VNL and BSNL have been working in partnership to constantly bring a positive change in the lives of citizens of the LWE regions by empowering them with the benefits of connectivity. The objective is to slowly eliminate the digital divide by enabling e-Governance, Telemedicine, e-Education, e-Banking, e-Commerce via the solar powered telecom solutions which surpass challenges of impregnable terrains, poor infrastructure and extremism. Citizens are now more empowered and can be closely connected to the government and local authorities, which is further boosting the growth of the economy.

Indian telecom gear manufacturer VNL and state-owned operator BSNL recently announced that data usage across the mobile network they’ve setup in India’s Red Corridor has surged to an incredible high of 400 GB +, translating into an average of 2 GB per site per day & increasing daily.

The world’s largest green mobile network, that provides voice & data to more than 20,000 villages, where no foreign solution could work, clearly represents a triumph of VNL’s Indian-designed technology. 2,000 solar powered mobile tower sites, generating more than 10 MW every day have been working for two years now. Thanks to the Department of Telecom (DoT) and USOF for their vision and support that enabled this network to be setup in some of India’s most inhospitable and challenging areas.

So, how did it all start?

June 2013: The cabinet approved setting up mobile towers in 9 LWE states, where none of the telecom operators had ventured before

August 2014: After setting up the cost structures, the project was approved

September 2016: 1.8 cr people in 22,688 villages in 90 districts across 10 states have been impacted, project completed before the deadline (in a record time of 18 months)

November 2017: Data usage across the mobile network surged to an incredible high of more than 400 Gigabytes

Next: The second rollout will soon be announced

As a consequence of this project, a whole new world is opening up for citizens in the Red Corridor. Communicating with family, friends, employers and associates is now possible. Information related to agricultural inputs and markets is now available. Banking and other commercial activities are now accessible. Emergency and other health services are within reach. Governance is easier and more interactive.

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