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25 Jul

Changing the communication network for enterprises

By: Chandni Goel
Jul 25, 2017

Missing landline calls when you’re away from your desk? And experiencing network congestion, network dark spots, patchy coverage and call drops on your mobile? If these are some of the common problems your workforce faces every day, you need a 100% secure, private mobile network for your enterprise, which offers seamless integration with your fixed phone PBX.

In a world where everyone is communicating on instant messaging apps for private communication, being tied up to desk phones for official communication does not make sense any longer. Eliminating dependency on fixed landlines/DECTs inside an office building, in favor of a private mobile communication network can make it simpler to contact employees, reduce time to respond to queries and lead to quicker decision making. VNL’s private network solution for enterprises makes this possible. It packs all the core elements required to set up a private wireless network that can be deployed within a few hours.

As a wireless PBX for both indoor & outdoor use, via mobile phones, VNL’s enterprise solution enables access to voice, messaging and data services over a private network, throughout the enterprise campus. The enterprise gets full control of its communication network. Continuity of business operations is ensured even when the macro network is unavailable. The workforce can be mobile yet always in touch irrespective of where they are within the campus. All users can connect with each other on a secure & private network without incurring any call or messaging charges.

With VNL’s network solution for enterprises, the size of the building or layout is not a limitation. With an all-IP interface, communication can be enabled between multiple locations. VNL offers an attractive turnkey solution to all enterprises that wish to take total control of their communication network.

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