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Instant Field Mobile Office

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IFMO comes to your rescue where no infrastructure exists, or when existing networks are unreliable, such as disaster-affected areas, oil exploration, and maritime vessels. In such situations, it provides a private and secure communication network for quick but informed decision making, safety of personnel and mission success.

Together with our PECB portfolio with Wi-Fi Access Points, IFMO provides a suite of office services at remote locations - VoIP, Internet / Intranet, Wi-Fi, and GSM / EGPRS. All you need to do is connect to your backend network using IP backhaul e.g. via external satellite BGAN terminal or IP radios, and work like you would, in your office.

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Compact, portable unit with integrated battery backpack, suitable for a day's operation on a single battery charge

Secure data connectivity from backend - VPN support

Inbuilt Wi-Fi and option for connecting to external Wi-Fi Access Point over PoE for extended coverage

Includes 2 VoIP extensions and support for external VoIP phones

Very low backhaul capacity required for external connectivity - just 8Kbps per call bandwidth for VoIP, and less than 128 Kbps backhaul for 14 concurrent voice calls routed outside, while local calls and SMS are switched locally

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