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Emergency communication, search and rescue system for disaster-hit areas

Because public communication networks are the first casualty in most disasters, first-responders and public safety agencies need a dedicated communication system to be setup and deployed at the site within 6 hours, in order to minimise disaster impact.

ResQMobil, VNL’s emergency communication, search and rescue system is an integrated solution that is perfect for the job. It aids emergency response by providing an independent communication network to first responders, aids in search and rescue by providing mobile location information and connectivity to active mobiles of affected civilian population, and integrates with different legacy radio networks to provide actionable information to authorities seeking a bigger picture. It can be tailored to specific area or country requirements and is designed to work in different scenarios covering natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods and tsunamis, building fires, terrorist attacks, and can even be used for Homeland security applications at large venues.

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  • Local voice, SMS and data services even when backhaul is not up
  • Mobile location information of affected civilian population for aiding in search and rescue operation
  • Interconnect with different legacy radio networks (HF/ VHF/UHF)
  • Rich Services Suite – Mobile, WiFi, Remote Public Announcement System, Solar based Power solution, network interfaces towards PSTN/Cellular Modems etc
  • Integrated VSAT backhaul for connectivity to HQ and external world

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